portrait photo, Seva Zhidkoff

Seva Zhidkov

Experimental Products @ VK

[email protected]

πŸš€ During my work at VK, I was a lead developer at 10M installs app Clever β€” HQ Trivia in Russia. App Store, Google Play.
πŸ’™ I was founder of a dating app called Friend Zone. We created vectors using autoencoder neural networks based on social networks data, detected mutual interests and matched people with power of AI. Simple demo notebook.
πŸ€– Leonard bot β€” is my open source Telegram lifestyle bot integrated with Foursquare, Uber, Product Hunt and 6 more services. Have a look at Github.
πŸ‘₯ I have Bots and AI consulting experience at Mail.ru Group (industry digests, prototypes, ideas and Durian Bot) and Diletant.media (AI, Bots and New media strategy).
πŸ’» I was machine learning contractor at The Question (UGC Q&A site) to make recommendation system and Hi Karl β€” Nashville-based startup for music events aggregation and recommendation.
πŸ“ˆ Retention is a key to the success of your app. Check out my spreadsheet with comprassion of some hypothetical apps with different retention.
πŸ“Š Or you can play with calculations on my small Jupyter notebook for predicting MAU based on retention.
πŸ“§ Write me about anything: [email protected]
🌍 BTW, I play tennis and _love_ to travel. I even wrote a script based on Q-learning for finding round-the-world tickets at good price. I'll open source it soon β€” write me if you're interested.